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Beyond Tachometer Repair for Generations of Classic Corvettes

CS of MD West 09/13/22
Tachometer Repair

Has your Corvette tachometer started to not keep up with the rest of your vehicle? Has it stopped working as well as it once did? Did it stop working entirely? Your tachometer isn’t just another one of those meters on the dash – it’s an important part of your vehicle. That’s true whether your Corvette…

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Benefits of Tachometer Repair and Restoration from the Experts

CS of MD West 08/03/22
Corvette Tachometer Repair

Has your Corvette tachometer seen better days? Did it slow down or just absolutely come to a stop? Whether your tachometer has lost its luster, its function, or anything in between, we can help. Here at CS of MD West, we’re genuine experts of Corvette tachometer repair. Over the years, we’ve repaired so many tachometers…

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Corvette Tachometer Repair: Calibrated for Success

CS of MD West 11/02/21
Corvette Tachometer Repair

Has your Corvette’s tachometer stopped working as well as you’d like? Does it seem worn out, faded, or even just stopped working? While there are other places that you can take your tachometer to be repaired, here at CS of MD West, we specialize in classic Corvette tachometer repair, rebuilding, and restoration. If you have…

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Better Corvette, Better Experience: Corvette Tachometer Repair

CS of MD West 08/14/21
Corvette Tachometer Repair

Has your Corvette’s tachometer stopped working properly? Does the tachometer feel or look worn out, or just ceased operation? Most people don’t realize just how important a tachometer is, particularly for a vehicle with a manual transmission. However, most people also aren’t classic Corvette owners. If you’re anything like us, when there’s something even slightly…

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A Corvette Tachometer that’s Perfectly Calibrated for You

Brian Tilles 04/16/20
a corvette tachometer thats perfectly calibrated for you

It’s one thing for your classic Corvette to look its best. It’s something else entirely for your Corvette to run its best. The first is just appearance: there are plenty of Corvettes that look absolutely stunning but are unable to perform on the road anywhere near their peak (if they’re able to go out on…

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Accuracy and Advancement: Corvette Tachometer Repair and Restoration

Brian Tilles 12/31/19
corvette tachometer repair

When we think of a “car that needs restored,” most people tend to think of the external. They might imagine a body with cracked fiberglass and dings, cracked windows, faded paint job, and so forth. That’s the layperson’s initial image. For Corvette owners, Corvette enthusiasts who take great pride in their vehicle, their image might…

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