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Corvette Side Exhaust Covers: Limited Supply, Unlimited Potential

CS of MD West 04/03/22
corvette side exhaust covers

Have you been looking for the very best in C2 Corvette parts but everything comes up a bit short? Does it seem like none of the Corvette side exhaust covers on the market are good enough for your Corvette? If you feel that way, you aren’t alone. Indeed, these have been some of the more…

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Corvette Side Pipes and More to Put Your Corvette Out Front

CS of MD West 10/05/21
Corvette Side Pipes

Have you been looking for Corvette side pipes parts but it seems like the “pickings are slim” out there (to say the very least?) When you see the kinds of side exhaust parts that are out there, does it make you worry about how you’re going to keep your Corvette running and looking how you…

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Corvette Side Exhaust Covers for the Corvette that Deserves Something More

CS of MD West 07/03/21
Corvette side exhaust covers

Are you looking for Corvette side exhaust covers but none of your options seem like they’re something you would actually want on your Corvette? Does it feel like every “reproduction” Corvette part you come across looks like something that maybe shouldn’t have been produced in the first place? When it comes to what goes on…

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Excellent Corvette Side Exhaust Parts for a Stunning Restoration

csofmdwest 09/27/19
Corvette Side Exhaust Parts

Many Corvette owners focus on one area or two. They might say: “I want to get this part of the Corvette where it should be” or they’ll look at some other areas. Many of our Corvette customers, however, want to make sure that their entire Corvette looks how they want. Instead of focusing on just…

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