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Corvette Speedometer Restoration: We did it Again

csofmdwest 07/31/19
Corvette Speedometer Restoration

At CS of MD West, we’re always looking for ways to offer our customers better Corvette products. Sometimes, that means finding the absolute best NOS parts. Other times, it means offering reproduction parts that have been designed to be as faithful to the originals as possible, only they’re made out of high-quality modern materials. Yet…

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2019 Corvettes’ @ Carlisle Stop by for a visit.

csofmdwest 07/30/19
Corvettes at Carlisle 2018

We will be attending the 2019 Corvettes’ @ Carlisle in our usual spaces A-61 thru A-65 on August 22 -August 24 2019. Our 38th consecutive year! We will have on display and available for purchase many items of our own, and our sister company, Corvette Specialties Manufacturing,  We will also have on display examples of…

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Corvette Speedometer Repair and More

csofmdwest 04/05/19
Corvette speedometer repair

A Corvette speedometer is more than just something that says how fast you’re going. It’s a measurement of what your Corvette can be. Muscle cars and classic cars like Corvettes are often discussed in terms of the top speed. In many ways, that’s what these vehicles are best known for. A speedometer is an important…

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Shopping for Vintage Corvette Tachometers

csofmdwest 09/28/18
vintage Corvette parts for sale

The Corvette has always been a special car, and whether you own a newer version or a classic model, you want to make sure you keep your car looking its best all the time. If you have just recently purchased a vintage Corvette and are beginning a restoration project of your own, you may find…

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The Transformation of Corvette Restoration Parts

csofmdwest 08/24/18
Corvette Restoration Parts

Our company is called “Corvette Specialties of MD West.” However, the nickname we’re the most proud of here is “The Restoration Leader.” We take great pride in being the place that people turn to for their Corvette restoration parts. There are many different reasons for that. A big part of it is that we give…

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C1 Corvette Restoration: Put the Muscle Back in “Muscle Car”

csofmdwest 07/31/18
C1 Corvette Restoration

A C1 Corvette restoration brings your Corvette back to its original glory. Corvette has been a symbol of American muscle cars since the moment they rolled off the line. There’s nothing quite like the sound a ‘vette makes when it peels down the road. A restoration can do a lot more for your Corvette than…

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Bury the Needle with a Corvette Gauge Restoration

csofmdwest 07/11/18
Corvette Gauge Restoration

Corvette gauge restoration can be just the thing to make your Corvette better than ever. It’s one of the things that separates someone who’s “kinda” into Corvettes from someone who absolutely loves their ride. The layperson, or someone walking by, will notice a fully restored or painted exterior. They might see a new paint job,…

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