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Corvette Clock Repair and Parts Through the Ages

CS of MD West 08/26/21
Corvette Clock Repair

Did the clock on your Corvette stop? Has it become worn, faded, or just flat out ceased to work as it should? Sure, in our modern day, you, in all likelihood, don’t need the clock in your Corvette to function to know what time it is. But, if you’re a completist, a true Corvette enthusiast…

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Corvette Clock Repair and Restoration: Time Turned Back

Brian Tilles 07/24/20
corvette clock repair

Even in an era of digital clocks, when every single one of us has a personal phone that tells the time, there’s something about an old-school clock. If you’re like so many of us, when you’re behind the wheel of your Corvette, the only clock you ever check is the one on the dash. The…

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Corvette Clock Repair: Turning Back Time

Brian Tilles 04/30/20
Corvette clock repair

It may be hard for some younger people to imagine, but classic Corvettes did not have digital clocks. Like everything else in a classic Corvette, maybe your clock has worn down, doesn’t run as well as it used to, or maybe it just flat out stopped working. With our Corvette clock repair and restoration, we’re…

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