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1961 Corvette Tachometer: The Challenges, the Opportunities, and the Legend

CS of MD West 01/26/21
1961 Corvette tachometer

Have you been looking for a 1961 Corvette tachometer yet none of the examples seem like they’re in good (or even remotely decent) working order? Does it feel like every year, it’s harder and harder to find quality C1 Corvette parts? There are any number of reasons for this, not the least of which is…

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Riding on 1963 Corvette Steel Wheels Through the Rest of the 60s

CS of MD West 11/16/20
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Have you been looking for steel wheels for your Corvette but can’t find any that absolutely fit the bills? When it comes to Corvette wheels, does everything seem like it’s just a bit… off? That’s an experience far too many Corvette owners have had. Many of the Corvette wheels you find online are either old…

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A 1961 Corvette Tachometer That’s Genuinely Timeless

Brian Tilles 08/25/20
corvette tachometer

Have you been looking for a 1961 Corvette tachometer, but everything you can find that’s allegedly from “1961” is actually from 1960? Does it seem like no matter where you go, no one has the exact Corvette parts that you’re looking for? We absolutely understand. Indeed, that’s part of the reason we started CS of…

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Early or Late: The Right 1961 Corvette Tachometer for Your Vehicle

Brian Tilles 05/24/20
corvette tachometer repair

Just about every feature of the classic Corvette is iconic. From the exterior to the wheels to the dash – a Corvette is as much style as it is substance, as great as the sum of its parts. For your Corvette to be everything that you want it to be, everything has to be right….

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