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Corvette Speedometer Expert Repair and Restoration

Corvette speedometer repair, rebuild, and restoration is a specialty here at Corvette Specialties of MD West

AC Division of General Motors manufactured Corvette speedometers using a series “W” style frame. There are several variations through the years in appearance. The mechanisms are very much alike.

Corvette odometer not working?

Corvette speedometer needle jumping?

Corvette speedometer has a broken pointer?

Corvette speedometer noisy, squealing?

Corvette speedometer looking tired?

We can help. We have all of the parts, equipment, and experience to restore your speedometer.

Typical problems with Corvette Speedometers


Corvette speedometer repair

1957 Speedometer. Note magnet is dry. Grease dries up, no lubricant. Needs rebuilding.

Let’s face it, these are old cars! Father time does not overlook speedometers. The C1,  1953-1962 Corvette speedometers that have not been professionally serviced need to be serviced. Typical problems would be a loud squeal, pointer jumps wildly and often snaps. The magnet spins in an aluminum housing without an oil impregnated bronze bushing. Lubricant has degraded and it fails. Another common failure is the speed cup. C1 Corvette speedometers used a speed cup that was soldered together. (Revision improved the design in very early 60’s) Simply stated, the shaft that holds the pointer becomes disconnected.

1963 and later

Corvette began using a trip odometer in the 1963 model year. This is where the fun began. Commonly the 1963-1967 Corvette speedometer would experience an odometer failure between 40,000 and 60,000 miles. The speedometer will continue to operate just fine in most cases. Some other issues that arise are a pointer that jumps erratically, an audible squeal, or a complete breakdown. Professional Corvette Speedometer service is needed. Our services are comprehensive, and will also accomplish the Corvette odometer repair.

Many owners are able to repair and service multiple components on their Corvette. In order to properly service your speedometer, you will need a magnetizer, demagnetizer, calibration machine and specialized equipment to properly install the first worm, or magnet. If you do not have the necessary skills and equipment to repair these units, you are wasting your time. We often receive units for repair that someone has attempted to repair on their own! 

Speedometers that are 50 years old need to be rebuilt, period.  Does not matter what the mileage may be. Time really contributes to the problems.  Lubricants that were used when these units were assembled deteriorates and turns to a wax like substance.  Most of the time, when we disassemble a unit that has never been serviced, it is nearly dry. The magnet, or first worm, is turned by the cable at a high rate of speed. Parts wear out, gears wear, (see worn magnet below) and eventually strip, and failure occurs. Repair is not a matter of replacing the second and third worm gears. Corvette owners that are familiar with the distributor side gear arrangement will understand  it would be easy to change one gear. The outcome is not good when replacing a driven gear without the main drive gear.

Corvette Specialties of MD West has rebuilt thousands of units. 

The magnet is what drives these gears, and those magnets do wear out. We have the necessary special tools and calibration equipment  to replace worn magnets.  It is important to thoroughly inspect the frame that houses the magnet. AC speedometer began using an oilite bushing for the magnet some time in the 1962 model year. We have the bushings and tools needed to replace.  There is also a hole for the second worm gear that can wear. We replace frames with worn worm gear holes. The frame must pass inspection to prevent premature failure.

Have confidence when sending your valuable instruments for restoration.

Corvette Specialties of MD West has the experience, the necessary parts,  special tools, and  calibration equipment to make sure the job is performed properly. You may have a speedometer or tachometer that needs repair and not a restoration. The car may be a survivor, unrestored, etc.  We certainly understand and will accommodate the owner in most cases. 1953-1962 speedometers mounted in a case can be the exception.  Often the case, and inner plates, will have paint that is flaking upon disassembly and if that is the case Corvette Specialties of MD West will media blast the old paint, and repaint these finishes. We do not want unhappy customers with paint flecks in their gauges!

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Corvette Speedometers 1953-1962

 Base cost  1953-1957    $165.00*     

                     1958-1962    $145.00*


Corvette Speedometer Repair

Includes disassembly, clean, restore case, rebuild or replace internal mechanism, and calibrate.

+$45.00 Refacing (applies to 59-62)

We stock quality reproduction chrome bezels and correct odometers for these Tachometers, Speedometers, and small gauges. These bezels would be an additional charge to the above prices. See Restoration Products for pricing.

*Typical completed cost $295.00-$450.00 including parts.  53-58 Tachometer, speedometer, & small gauges may require refinishing Lens Backplate at an additional charge of $20.00 per unit.

Be sure to check out the packaging and shipping tips at the bottom of this page!

1960 Restored Speedometer1960 Restored Speedometer Rear

Corvette speedometer face

We reface tired 1959-1962 Speedometer Faces White or Green

Corvette Speedometers  1963-1967

Base cost $90.00*

Restored 1964 Corvette Speedometer

1964 Corvette Speedometer

Includes disassemble, clean, rebuild or replace, internal parts, repaint pointers as required, calibrate.

Add +$35.00 for 67 speed warning Speedometer.1967 Corvette Speed Warning Speedometer and Tachometer

Add+$110.00  for trip and total odometer replacement.

*All parts, refacing, touch up red-line etc. extra.  Typical completed cost: $190.00-$275.00 each, including parts.

Be sure to check out the packaging and shipping tips at the bottom of this page!


1963 Corvette Restored Hi RPM Tachometer and Speedometer

Restored 1964 Corvette speedometer and tachometer

1963 Speedometer and Tachometer     Drag the slider to see before and after

Speedometer magnets

Pictured above are views of a good magnet, or first worm, and a worn part. Replacing second and third worm gears with a worn magnet will not solve the inoperative odometer problem!

Corvette speedometer repair

Many different issues can cause odometer failure. This 1963-1964 Speedometer has a worn third worm hole in the dial. (Circled)

Speedometer Repair

This part is called a jewel plate. The jewel cup is in the center. Note the enlarged hole in the jewel cup. The speed cup that holds the pointer rides in this cup. Wear like this can contribute to a “wobble” in the pointer.

When sending speedometers for service, consider your tachometer. They are the same mechanism. They also wear and grease dries out. The main difference is the tachometer does not have odometers.


Are you pressed for time?

We also stock restored Speedometers, rebuilt and ready to install. We will even purchase your old speedometer.  Click here.

Corvette Speedometers 1968-1977

Base cost $90.00

All parts, refacing, touch up red-line etc. extra.

Add +$85.00 If we Restore Inner and Outer Bezel

Add +$35.00 for 68-69 Speed warning speedometers

Additional $110.00 if necessary to replace the trip and total odometer replacement.

Typical completed cost: $190.00-$250.00 each, including parts.

Be sure to check out the packaging and shipping tips at the bottom of this page!


***PLEASE NOTE: We do not repair/restore 1978-1982 Speedometers.***


Circle Ess Magnet Jewel Repair Vintage Speedometer tool1967 Corvette Restored Speed Warning SpeedometerCircle Ess Magna Press Vintage Speedometer repair toolF.W. Stewart Speedometer Calibration MachineSpeedometer magnet with new jewel installedSpeedometer Repair Tools

Corvette Tacjhometer Broken Hair Spring on Speed CupHigh cobalt Corvette tach Magnet with worn jewelHigh cobalt tach magnet after jewel replacement

Corvette speedometer repairCorvette speedometer bushing

Corvette speedometer repair

1966 Speedometer has a worn second worm hole. New gears alone will not fix this unit!

Corvette speedometer Rebuild

Many different issues can cause odometer failure. Outside view of this worn second worm hole. Hole is oblong and gear will not contact magnet properly.


We have the special tools to properly service your instruments. 


Click here for information on complete dash cluster restoration.


IMPORTANT PACKING & SHIPPING NOTES: When shipping gauges and other items for restoration, please wrap the items securely! We suggest wrapping each item in bubble wrap individually and cushioning the wrapped bundles within the box with more packaging. When shipping open-face gauges, protect the gauge face by taping the gauge face-down to a piece of cardboard and wrap with bubble wrap. Note that some pointer bases may stick up beyond the edge of the face so the cardboard may need to have a small hole to accommodate it. Be sure to fill the package completely with cushioning material, especially the corners, as any movement within the box can cause damage. Do not use packing peanuts as they allow too much movement within the package. Insure your items for a replacement value you feel comfortable with. Please note that even if you insure your items, if the carrier determines the package was not packed properly they may dispute your damage claim.

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