1965-67 Side Exhaust Cover Upper Mouldings (pair)

1965-67 Side Exhaust Cover Upper Mouldings (pair)


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This is a pair of new, reproduction upper moldings for 1965-67 side exhaust Corvettes. They are used to trim and cover the mounting hardware for the exhaust cover. As with the other parts that are manufactured by Corvette Specialties Manufacturing, much research was made to insure not only the visual appearance, but also the fit and minute details that are necessary to produce parts that are just like the originals. We have discovered several variations throughout the production of the GM parts. The part was serviced through GM until approximately 2005 and we have shown a closeup photo of the GM service part. You will notice that the service part varied from known originals in the area of the "overlap" of material at each end of the part. Through research of known original parts, the excess material was folded in a straight method, unlike the messy diagonal appearance shown on the service part. In addition to this detail, these parts have the correct hole size and location on each end for the screw placement. The overall length is also just like the original, unlike other parts currently available. We offer these parts alone, or with the purchase of our exhaust cover kit. 1965, 1966, 1967

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Dimensions 33 x 6 x 9 in