1963-65 GF-90 Fuel Filter – Black

Corvette GF-90 Fuel Filter
1963-65 GF-90 Fuel Filter – Black


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This is a new, reproduction GF-90 Fuel Filter for 1963, 1964 and 1965 Corvettes with 327-300, 327-340, 327-360, 327-365, 327-350 and 327-375 horsepower engines. This filter has been painstakingly reproduced in exacting detail. Correct dimensionally and cosmetically, including the correct fonts (duplicated with negative of original filter printing), and the correct end fittings WITHOUT the notches. Research has shown that the production line installed filters do not have the notches on the fittings. Until now, the filters that were available were the service part silver filters that were painted and silk screened, or another black reproduction filter that is not very accurate. Sometimes owners were even sold black GF-90 filters that had the notches filled in to get through NCRS or Bloomington judging. Be sure to look at what you thought was a correct filter; it probably has the notches! These filters should breeze through the strictest judging with ease, and really get some impressive comments! It is time to replace incorrect filters, or rubber hoses with inline filters and install the correct lines and filter just as "The General" intended. Our GF-416 filters are also exact and we also have the silver GF-90 filters used on 1962 Fuel Injected engines and early 1963 327-300, 327-340, and 327-360 equipped cars. 1963, 1964, 1965

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