1959 Corvette Hi RPM New Electronic Tachometer Assembly

1959 Corvette Hi RPM New Electronic Tachometer Assembly


1959 Hi RPM Tachometer Assy – Generator Drive

We have remanufactured the entire tachometer assembly.

This beautiful part looks and operates just like the original!

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This is a new reproduction High RPM (6500 redline) Tachometer Assembly.   This unit is electronic. There is a setting that will make the tach operable with LS engines! Great for Retro-Rods, or cars that have no tach drive generator or distributor., making it correct for 1959 Corvettes with 270 HP engines.  Each individual part in this tachometer is either original Delco, or painstakingly reproduced in exact detail by our Company, Corvette Specialties of Maryland. Nothing in the original case is modified to make the circuitry fit! Shown is a face that is correct  for 59. We can use any of the 8 faces that were used in 59-62, (you can view these in our other listings).

Why waste time and expense on a used part?  If it has not been rebuilt already, you can bet it needs it!


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 9 in