Corvette Tachometers. We repair, rebuild and restore all of the Tachometers used from 1953 thru 1974. This type of tachometer is mechanical and is driven by a cable either from the distributor or generator. Mechanical tachometers, like speedometers, require calibration in order to assure accuracy. The first worm, or  magnet is charged and discharged as required. Final calibration is achieved by adjusting spring tension. This procedure is performed on a calibration machine specifically designed for this purpose. It is important to know wether the tach is generator or distributor driven when calibration is performed.

We have all of the parts that could ever be needed to perform this service. Many of the parts we have had reproduced ourselves.

Electronic conversions are available for all years except 1963 and 1964.  Please inquire.

Corvette Tachometers 1953-1962

Base cost $105.00*

Includes disassembly, clean, restore case, rebuild or replace internal mechanism, and calibrate.

+$45.00 Refacing (applicable to 59-62)

+$55.00 Tachometer Rev. Counter (correct)

*Parts, lenses, refacing (59-62) extra. Typical completed cost is $175.00-$325.00.

**We offer our own exact reproduction 53-62 tachometers in all varieties. including electronic versions! See listings on this site!

63-67 Corvette Tachometers

Base cost $65.00*

Includes disassemble, clean, rebuild or replace, internal parts, repaint pointers as required, calibrate.

Add +$25.00 for 63 Buzzer Tachometer.

*All parts, refacing, touch up red-line etc. extra.  Typical completed cost: $110.00-$225.00 each, including parts.

** We offer electronic versions in all 3 redlines for 65-67.  See listings on this site!

1968-1974 Corvette Tachometers

Base cost: $65.00

+$20.00 Restore Redline

+$75.00 Restore Inner and Outer Bezel

** We offer electronic versions for 68-74 in all 4 redlines. See listings on this site!

1975-1982 Corvette Tachometers

Base cost $95.00 
Includes new electronic board

+$20.00 Restore Redline

+$75.00 Restore Inner and Outer Bezel



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