61 Late thru 62 Hi RPM version shown.

Corvette Specialties of Maryland West builds and offers this comprehensive line of reproduction tachometer assemblies direct to you and the entire Corvette industry. Featured, are every variety of tachometer that was used in the 1953-1962 C-1, or first generation.
We also offer electronic versions for these years, and the later 1965-1974 Corvettes in all of the red lines offered by the factory! Electronic versions have become very popular with the prominence of restomods. They provide an easy way to maintain a functional, stock appearing tachometer in cars that no longer use the mechanical tach drive generators or distributors as they were equipped from the factory.
Each and every tachometer is assembled to order in our shop and accurately calibrated before shipment. The mechanical tachometers use the same mechanisms as the originals.  This will allow any future service to be made without the need for proprietary parts that some other reproduction items may require in the future.

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