How do I determine if gauge refacing is necessary for my instrument cluster?

In some cases, there is no question. Examples: 59-62 tachs and speedos are often peeling or completely faded. 63-4's seldom require refacing, however, in cases of damage or red line changes, refacing would be necessary. 65-7: These faces are stamped metal as opposed to aluminum, white metal or plastic of earlier years. What is the enemy of metal? You guessed it: rust. Convertibles are more susceptible to this condition than coupes. Let's face it, most Corvettes do leak water from washing, rain, etc. How many convertibles have you seen that did not leak? Although you may not drive your Corvette in the rain, you must remember that these cars were used at one time as a mode of transportation. What happens?  The car leaks, the carpeting gets wet, the car is parked with the windows rolled up and you have just created the perfect environment for rust to begin its dirty work. The beginning of rust is evident by minor discoloration that shows up as jagged lines and/or specks on the face. If this is evident on any of the gauge faces, refacing is recommended. It will not stop but will only get worse. Southwestern cars, especially convertibles, were less susceptible to rust but experienced a greater amount of fading due to sun exposure. The colors that were originally green, florescent orange and yellow may now appear off-white, light orange and cream. Our process restores the original color and intensity that your instruments had when they were "showroom new".

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