Can I purchase the necessary parts to repair my speedometer/tachometer?

At one time, kits were available. This was a supposedly pre-calibrated unit assembled from new parts. If you were lucky, this unit worked fine. Some of the problems occurring with this method included (1) Improper detection and replacement of associated parts, thereby, causing a repeat failure, (2) Calibration errors resulting from pointer on repaired unit being weighted differently from the original pointer or changes to magnetism inadvertently caused by installer of kit. Now that new repair parts are no longer available, this kit is seldom offered.
The final calibration (which assures accuracy of the finished product) can only be performed with specialized equipment including a magnetizer, de-magnetizer and a calibration machine. These items are generally not found in the average garage.
We often have requests to purchase "odometer gears". A quick fix would be the replacement of the second worm gear. It's just that:  a quick fix. This will only provide a temporary resolution because wear also occurs on the first worm or magnet which drives the second worm. The correct fix requires rebuilding and/or replacement of the entire frame assembly. This requires special tools and equipment and cannot be performed without the proper tools and calibrating equipment. We have the necessary equipment to perform this job properly.

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