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Corvette Tachometer Repair and Restoration

1958 Corvette 8000 RPM Tachometer

1958  8000 RPM Tachometer

1960 Early Hi RPM Corvette Tachometer

1960 Early Hi RPM Tachometer

Corvette Tachometer Repair and Restoration


Corvette Tachometers. We repair, rebuild and restore all of the Tachometers used from 1953 thru 1974. If your tachometer has never been rebuilt, simply stated, it needs to be rebuilt.  The grease that was used when the units were built dries up and becomes a wax-like substance. Problems such as wildly swinging pointer, vibrations, and other erratic operation are common.  This type of tachometer is mechanical and is driven by a cable either from the distributor or generator. Mechanical tachometers, like speedometers, require calibration in order to assure accuracy. The first worm, or magnet is charged and discharged as required. Final calibration is achieved by adjusting the spring tension of the speed cup.  We calibrate the tachometer using a machine specifically designed for this purpose. It is important to know whether the tach is generator or distributor driven when calibration is performed.

1959-1974 tachometers have the graphics printed on a metal face. We have the capabilities of re-screening the artwork on the original face. Our screening process results in an exact duplicate of the original graphics.

We stock all parts used in these tachometers. Many of the parts we have had reproduced ourselves.

Electronic conversions are available for all years except 1963 and 1964.  Please inquire.

Corvette Tachometers 1953-1962

Base cost $125.00*

1958-1962 Corvette Electronic Tachometer

1958-1962 Corvette Electronic Tachometer

Includes disassembly, clean, restore case, rebuild or replace internal mechanism, and calibrate.

Corvette speedometer repair

Disassembled frame from a 1957 instrument. Note that grease is dried up. Needs rebuilding!

+$50.00 Refacing (applicable to 59-62)

+$55.00 Tachometer Rev. Counter (correct)

*Parts, lenses, refacing (59-62) extra.

*53-58 Instruments may require refinishing Lens Backplate at an additional charge of $20.00 per unit.

We stock quality reproduction chrome bezels and correct odometers for these Tachometers, Speedometers, and Small Gauges. Bezels would be an additional charge. See Restoration Products for pricing.

Typical completed cost is $200.00-$350.00 including parts.

Be sure to check out the packaging and shipping tips at the bottom of this page!


Corvette speedometer bushing

Corvette speedometer repair

**We offer our own exact reproduction 53-62 tachometers in all varieties. including electronic versions! Click here to see our listings.

For information on our exclusive line of 1953-1974 New Reproduction Tachometers Click Here. 


63-67 Corvette Tachometers

Restored 1964 Corvette Speedometer and Tachometer

Owner wanted Hi Redline Tach. We restored and refaced both gauges

1963 Corvette Hi RPM Tachometer

1963 Corvette Hi RPM Tachometer

1963-1964 Corvette Tachometer profile

1963-1964 Corvette Tachometer profile


Base cost $75.00*

Includes disassemble, clean, rebuild or replace, internal parts, repaint pointers as required, calibrate.

Add +$35.00 for 63 Buzzer Tachometer.

*All parts, refacing, touch up red-line etc. extra. Redline changes? We can reface your tachometer to any available redline.

Typical completed cost: $125.00-$250.00 each, including parts.

Be sure to check out the packaging and shipping tips at the bottom of this page!

**We offer electronic versions in all 3 redlines for 65-67.

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Click here for our restored 1964 Tachometer listings

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Click here for our Technical Information article on 1963 and 1964 Tachometers


1968-1974 Corvette Tachometers

Base cost: $75.00

+$20.00 Restore Redline

+$75.00 Restore Inner and Outer Bezel

Be sure to check out the packaging and shipping tips at the bottom of this page!

** We offer electronic versions for 1968-1971 and 1972-1974 in all 4 redlines.

Click here for our 1968-1974  tachometer listings.


1975-1982 Corvette Tachometers

We recommend replacement for these units. Boards can be replaced. This does not solve issues with the movement, or air core. We offer all versions of 1975-1982 tachometers as a complete unit for $179.00

+$75.00 Restore Inner and Outer Bezel



IMPORTANT PACKING & SHIPPING NOTES: When shipping gauges and other items for restoration, please wrap the items securely! We suggest wrapping each item in bubble wrap individually and cushioning the wrapped bundles within the box with more packaging. When shipping open-face gauges, protect the gauge face by taping the gauge face-down to a piece of cardboard and wrap with bubble wrap. Note that some pointer bases may stick up beyond the edge of the face so the cardboard may need to have a small hole to accommodate it. Be sure to fill the package completely with cushioning material, especially the corners, as any movement within the box can cause damage. Do not use packing peanuts as they allow too much movement within the package. Insure your items for a replacement value you feel comfortable with. Please note that even if you insure your items, if the carrier determines the package was not packed properly they may dispute your damage claim.

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