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Corvette Headlight Motor Repair

We are experts in Corvette Headlight Motor Repair. We rebuild and restore these dated components, and return your motor!

Corvette headlight motors seemed to be doomed from the start. Soft cast main drive gear, and an armature exposed to the elements.  Armature extends from the main case to allow for the little wheel to be mounted. Just in case they failed to operate, you could reach in and open by turning the wheel! Problems developed soon after introduction when corrosion would build up on the armature and bushing eventually causing the motor to seize. We can restore your motors! Corvette Specialties of MD West performs all of the rebuilds right in our shop and you will receive your original motor when it is returned. We do not exchange your motor for another part! Corvette Specialties of MD West: the restoration leader!


Corvette Headlight Motors 1963-1967

Rebuild and cosmetics including new main drive gear.

Base cost $135.00*

*Field and/or Bushing repairs extra. Unfortunately, we often run into problems on these 50 plus year old motors. Most problems are the result of poor workmanship on prior repairs. 

Be sure to check out the packaging and shipping tips at the bottom of this page!

For owners who plan on having their car judged: We have a limited supply of the ground bolts with special washers. These are unique to this application. They have a specific head marking. Please advise if you want a set on your motors. Price is an additional $35.00 per pair . No worries if not, we provide bolts with washers that are correct in dimensions, but not for judging. 

headlight motor ground boltsheadlight motor groung screws




C2 C2 Corvette headlight motors

Corvette headlight motors



Restored C2 Corvette headlight motors Restored 1964 Corvette headlight motors










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IMPORTANT PACKING & SHIPPING NOTES: When shipping gauges and other items for restoration, please wrap the items securely! We suggest wrapping each item in bubble wrap individually and cushioning the wrapped bundles within the box with more packaging. When shipping open-face gauges, protect the gauge face by taping the gauge face-down to a piece of cardboard and wrap with bubble wrap. Note that some pointer bases may stick up beyond the edge of the face so the cardboard may need to have a small hole to accommodate it. Be sure to fill the package completely with cushioning material, especially the corners, as any movement within the box can cause damage. Do not use packing peanuts as they allow too much movement within the package. Insure your items for a replacement value you feel comfortable with. Please note that even if you insure your items, if the carrier determines the package was not packed properly they may dispute your damage claim.

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