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Corvette Dash Cluster Restoration

“Corvette dash, gauge, and instrument cluster restoration and rebuilding is an art.”

Sit behind the wheel of your Corvette and try to not look at the gauges. It’s impossible! The instrument cluster and gauges are typically the first thing a driver sees when he gets in the driver’s seat. Unfortunately there are many details that are often overlooked during the restoration of a Corvette dash cluster, but you won’t find that here! We have decades of experience to ensure you will not only have a beautiful cosmetic restoration, but also a proper mechanical restoration for your instruments to function and perform as intended. Inside and out, Corvette Specialties of MD West will see that no details are overlooked!

Many vendors offer restoration services for your prized components, but few actually perform the services on-site. When considering where to send your prized possessions, be sure to ask “Where are the services being performed?”.  You can be certain our services are performed in our own facility.

Check out our dash cluster restoration services and typical pricing below. Corvette Specialties of MD West: Your “Restoration Leader” since 1977!

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Corvette Instrument Cluster Restoration by Generation:

1953-1962 C1 Corvette Instrument Clusters

We can restore all of the gauges for your 1953-1962 Corvette, but we do not restore the painted housings. Please send ONLY the individual instruments in their specific gauge housings/pods. Check out these pages for more information and pricing: Speedometer Restoration, Tachometer Restoration, Small Gauge Restoration.

1958 Corvette Restored Gauges

                1958 Corvette Restored Gauge Set


1959 Corvette restored gauges

                        1959 Corvette Restored Gauge Set


Restored 1961 Corvette Gauges Rear View

1961 Corvette restored gauge set rear view

1963-1967 C2 Corvette Instrument Clusters

Restored 65 Hi RPM Cluster front 2

Restored 1965 Corvette Hi RPM Gauge Cluster

  • 1963-1964: $550.00 Base Labor. All parts and refacing extra; see below.
  • 1965-1967: $505.00 Base Labor. All parts and refacing extra; see below.
  • Note: When sending clusters for restoration, please give complete instructions for Red Line changes, etc., if needed. Send key or remove ignition switch – your choice.
  • Examples of additional services that may be required:
    • +$125.00 for trip and total odometer replacement
    • +$25.00 for Headlight Motor switch restoration (Highly Recommended)
    • +$20.00 labor for Cluster with speed warning
    • +$35.00 for refacing with speed warning if needed
    • +$20.00 for Tachometer and 66-67 Temperature gauge yellow/red line re-screening (charge does not apply if cluster is receiving a full reface)
    • +$25.00 for 60-80lb oil conversion with all reface
  • If the lighter, switches, capacitors, knobs, etc. are left in the cluster, we will clean, replace, restore, etc. as needed for an additional cost. Please note: If you leave these parts installed, we will restore them.
  • Typical completed cost for 1963 Clusters: $920.00-$1070.00 (including parts) with new plastic lenses as original. We recommend replacing lenses with glass (as used in 64-67 clusters) if you do not plan on showing the car in N.C.R.S. or Bloomington type events.
  • Typical completed cost for 1964 Clusters: $920.00-$1070.00 (including parts)
  • Typical completed cost for 1965-1967 Clusters: $870.00-$1020.00 (including parts)  or $1150.00-$1300.00 with all gauges refaced.

Restored 1965 Corvette Hi RPM Gauge Cluster Rear

Restored 1965 Corvette Hi RPM Gauge Cluster Rear


Drag the slider to see before and after


Click here for more before and after dash cluster views

Be sure to check out the packaging and shipping tips at the bottom of this page!


1963-1967 C2 Dash Cluster Housing (only) Restoration

Many owners are now using custom gauges. If you are installing custom gauges and only need your Dash Cluster Housing restored, we can help! See pricing below:

  • 1963-1964 Cluster Housings: $225.00 Base Labor
  • 1965-1967 Cluster Housings: $180.00 Base Labor
    • Includes complete paint stripping, application of self-etching primer, and correct repainting inside and out.
    • Please Note: Some housings may have excessive pitting or additional “custom” holes that will need to be repaired and will require additional labor charges on a case-by-case basis.
    • Prices apply to outer Cluster Housing only, and do not include gauges, retainers, knobs/switches, mount plates, etc.


1963 Late Production Restored Corvette Dash Cluster

                  1963 Late Production Restored Corvette Dash Cluster

1963 Corvette Restored Dash Cluster Rear

                    1963 Corvette Restored Gauge Cluster Rear View

1964 Corvette Custom Instrument Cluster

1964 Corvette custom dash cluster with silver painted cones


1963 Corvette Restored Hi RPM Tachometer and Speedometer

1963 Corvette Restored Hi RPM Tachometer and Speedometer

Corvette Speed Warning Speedometer

Freshly restored 1967 Corvette rare speed warning equipped dash cluster


Corvette instrument cluster

Factory paint applied on 1964 Corvette dash cluster housing


b bdb b bb aaafee

We restore your unit and retain factory ink stamps whenever possible. 1963 Corvette Cluster Speedometer Tachometer backplate shown.


1963 Corvette Restored Instrument Cluster Rear

Factory stampings shown on restored 1963 Corvette Cluster Rear View.

C1 Corvette gauges

1963 Restored High Redline Dash Cluster

We can restore your dash cluster knobs, original wiper and ignition switches, lighter components, radio capacitors, and headlight motor switch.

1968-1976 C3 Corvette Instrument Clusters

  • $305.00 Base Labor
  • Includes repaint housing and inner plates, clean, test and calibrate small gauges, and repaint pointers.
  • Gauge repairs, clock restoration, parts extra.

Be sure to check out the packaging and shipping tips at the bottom of this page!

1972 Corvette Restored Gauge Cluster

1972 Corvette restored instrument cluster

1969 Corvette Restored Dash Cluster Rear

1969 Corvette restored instrument cluster


Be careful!

1963 Corvette Damaged Cluster Before -21963 Corvette Damaged Cluster Before front-11963 Damaged Cluster Before back


Please do not let this happen to you! The left hand lower corner of 1963-1967 dash clusters is very vulnerable. Without the headlight motor switch in place there is a large slot that is very weak if box is mishandled. Be sure to leave plenty of space and use adequate boxes and cushioning materials!

In case you were wondering,  we did repair this cluster!



IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTES: When shipping gauges and other items for restoration, please wrap the items securely! We suggest wrapping each item in bubble wrap individually and cushioning the wrapped bundles within the box with more packaging. When shipping open-face gauges, protect the gauge face by taping the gauge face-down to a piece of cardboard and wrap with bubble wrap. Note that some pointer bases may stick up beyond the edge of the face so the cardboard may need to have a small hole to accommodate it. Be sure to fill the package completely with cushioning material, especially the corners, as any movement within the box can cause damage. Do not use packing peanuts as they allow too much movement within the package. Insure your items for a replacement value you feel comfortable with. Please note that even if you insure your items, if the carrier determines the package was not packed properly they may dispute your damage claim.

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