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Corvette Clocks

Corvette Clock Rebuild and Restoration

Corvette Clocks 1953-1962

We do not repair 53-62 clocks due to the lack of repair parts available. We can, however perform cosmetic restorations. In some cases, the clock will be operable. Unfortunately, we CANNOT offer a warranty on the clock operation.

*We offer new 58-62 reproduction clocks with quartz movements – $149.00.

Corvette Clocks 1963-1967

Chevrolet Motor Division contracted with Borg Instruments to supply clocks for the new Corvette in 1963. Borg was well equipped to supply a quality component. A leading manufacturer for the automotive industry, and aviation, Borg supplied a beautiful clock that closely resembled the new gauges.


Drag the sliders to see before and after


Restored 1967 Corvette Clock

1963 Corvette Clock

1963 Corvette Clock rear

Corvette clock restoration before

1964 Corvette Clock Before Restoration

Corvette clock restoration after

1964 Corvette Clock After Restoration






The original mechanical clock movements used technology from the thirties. Cars were disposable and the movement lasted a few years if you were lucky. We all remember that! Corvette Specialties of MD West can restore your clock with the original mechanical mechanism, or a modern quartz movement. We recommend the quartz conversion to all owners that are not having the car judged in a NCRS, or Bloomington type event. Keep in mind, the quartz conversion does not modify the configuration of your clock! The clock can easily be rebuilt with the standard mechanical movement at a later date if you desire.

1965-1967 Flood Damaged Clock Before Restoration

 65-67 Flood Damaged Clock Before Restoration  

1965-1967 clock out of case

65-67 Flood Damaged Clock after Restoration

1965-1967 Corvette Clock After restoration

65-67 Flood Damaged Clock Completed

Our service consists of complete disassembly, restore the case, bezel, face, pointers, and we also install a new lens.

We will rebuild or replace the original mechanical movement.  Judging not in the plans for your Corvette? We strongly recommend a quartz conversion. You will surely find a quartz conversion will be much more reliable!

$170.00* With rebuilt standard mechanical movement

$170.00* Quartz conversion

*Additional parts may be required.

Corvette Clocks 1968-1982

Included are  complete disassembly, clean the face, repaint the pointers,  and we rebuild or replace the mechanical movement. Judging not in the plans for your Corvette? We strongly recommend a quartz conversion. You will surely find a quartz conversion will be much more reliable!

$130.00* Standard Movement

$135.00* Quartz conversion

How does your Dash Cluster look? Click here for details on our Dash Cluster Restoration services. 
We recommend this service for non-show cars. It is long lasting and extremely reliable.

*Additional parts extra if required.


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