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C2 Corvette Restoration Parts (and Others) that Make a Big Difference

Brian Tilles 02/20/20
C2 corvette restoration

The Corvette is as close as we get to the perfect vehicle. From the style to the feel to the parts and everything else, any Corvette from any era is a genuine work of art. That said, there might be a point where you could find yourself wondering: “how can I make my Corvette that…

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Better Than Used C2 Corvette Parts: NOS Parts and More

Brian Tilles 02/12/20
used c corvette parts

The newest C2 Corvette parts are, optimistically, 53 years old. Many are older than that, but that’s as “young” as they can. That means that used C2 Corvette parts haven’t just been used, but they’re quite old, too. We tend to tell folks to shy away from some used parts, because they probably don’t have…

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C2 Corvette Restoration Parts to Turn Back the Clock (Literally)

csofmdwest 01/17/20
Corvette restoration parts

Classic Corvettes can do a lot of things, but they can’t get younger on their own. These Corvettes are some of the most incredible vehicles ever designed and driven on American roads but, in some cases, even these titans have begun to show their age. That’s where our collection of new, used, and restoration parts…

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Why it Matters where you get your Corvette Parts and Accessories

csofmdwest 10/17/19
Why it Matters where you get your Corvette Parts and Accessories-

 It’s not just about the parts. Sure, you can get car parts practically anywhere. Some places might have better prices than others, yes, but car parts are available in most places. Classic car parts can be rarer, certainly, but the car parts can be purchased, particularly online. Corvette parts and accessories, like Corvettes themselves, are…

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Corvette Speedometer Restoration: We did it Again

csofmdwest 07/31/19
Corvette Speedometer Restoration

At CS of MD West, we’re always looking for ways to offer our customers better Corvette products. Sometimes, that means finding the absolute best NOS parts. Other times, it means offering reproduction parts that have been designed to be as faithful to the originals as possible, only they’re made out of high-quality modern materials. Yet…

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Corvette Speedometer Repair and More

csofmdwest 04/05/19
Corvette speedometer repair

A Corvette speedometer is more than just something that says how fast you’re going. It’s a measurement of what your Corvette can be. Muscle cars and classic cars like Corvettes are often discussed in terms of the top speed. In many ways, that’s what these vehicles are best known for. A speedometer is an important…

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Corvette Speedometer Made Better

csofmdwest 12/12/18
1964 Corvette Restored Speedometer

Memories of what happened fifty years ago can be incredibly clear. You may wake up and remember something that happened half a century ago out of the blue. It could feel like it just happened yesterday. However, all that being said, fifty years is a long time. Corvettes are some of the most incredible muscle…

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Beyond Corvette Tachometer Repair

csofmdwest 12/05/18
Corvette tachometer repair

When someone looks at a Corvette, they notice the body. The wheels, the grille, the paint, the iconic Corvette logo – these are what typically catch someone’s eye. If the hood is open, then the engine can become a focal point. It is quite unlikely that someone would notice the Corvette’s tachometer. That’s not even…

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Our Corvette Tachometer Restoration and Repair

csofmdwest 12/01/18
Corvette tachometer

Works of art like the Mona Lisa and other famous paintings stand the test of time. Lasting for centuries (if not longer) they continue to inspire, generation after generation. Even the most incredible works of art, however, have to be maintained. The careful work of trained professionals ensures that this art lasts. Your Corvette is…

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