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Corvette Grille Teeth to Put the Bite Back in Your Corvette

CS of MD West 10/07/21
Corvette Grille Teeth

Is it getting more and more difficult to find the right grille teeth for your Corvette? Does it seem like every time you search online for Corvette grille teeth you find either a broken down version of the original grille teeth or an inferior reproduction? The truth is that there are classic Corvette parts and…

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Corvette Side Pipes and More to Put Your Corvette Out Front

CS of MD West 10/05/21
Corvette Side Pipes

Have you been looking for Corvette side pipes parts but it seems like the “pickings are slim” out there (to say the very least?) When you see the kinds of side exhaust parts that are out there, does it make you worry about how you’re going to keep your Corvette running and looking how you…

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C2 Corvette Restoration Parts to Restore Your Corvette Beyond Where It Was

CS of MD West 10/03/21
C2 Corvette Restoration

Are you looking for a higher caliber of C2 parts for your Corvette? Do you feel like, each year, it becomes that much more difficult to find C2 Corvette parts you would actually install in your Corvette? That’s understandable. Unfortunately, the years of 1963-1967 get further and further away every year. WE know how important…

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The Kinds of Quality Corvette Restoration Parts You May Not Find Elsewhere

CS of MD West 09/27/21

Do you like the Corvette parts that you have, you just wish they worked like they did a few years ago? When you look through all of the NOS, reproduction, and used Corvette parts available, wouldn’t you rather just have yours restored? Here at CS of MD West, we’ve restored classic Corvette parts for more…

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Better Than Used Corvette Parts for Sale: NOS, Reproduction Parts, and More

CS of MD West 09/19/21
Used Corvette Parts for Sale

Have you been looking at used Corvette parts for sale online and thought: “I would never install any of this in my Corvette?” Does it feel as if every used Corvette part you see is old, worn down, and just generally in such disrepair it wouldn’t help your vehicle in any way? For many Corvette…

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“Side” Corvette Parts and Accessories that are Central to Your Corvette

CS of MD West 09/12/21
Corvette Parts and Accessories

Does your Corvette require parts and accessories that you’re struggling to find elsewhere? Has it been a real struggle to not just find Corvette parts and accessories that fit your Corvette but parts that would actually be good for your Corvette? The truth is that just because something can be installed in your Corvette that…

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Corvette Clock Repair and Parts Through the Ages

CS of MD West 08/26/21
Corvette Clock Repair

Did the clock on your Corvette stop? Has it become worn, faded, or just flat out ceased to work as it should? Sure, in our modern day, you, in all likelihood, don’t need the clock in your Corvette to function to know what time it is. But, if you’re a completist, a true Corvette enthusiast…

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Better Corvette, Better Experience: Corvette Tachometer Repair

CS of MD West 08/14/21
Corvette Tachometer Repair

Has your Corvette’s tachometer stopped working properly? Does the tachometer feel or look worn out, or just ceased operation? Most people don’t realize just how important a tachometer is, particularly for a vehicle with a manual transmission. However, most people also aren’t classic Corvette owners. If you’re anything like us, when there’s something even slightly…

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C3 Corvette Parts That You Can See a Clear Difference With

CS of MD West 08/02/21
C3 Corvette Parts

Does it seem like it’s getting harder and harder to find the right C3 Corvette parts for your Corvette? When you go online and search, do you feel like there are only inferior, worn-down parts on sale at exorbitant prices? Unfortunately, that’s all too often what you’ll find online for classic Corvette parts. Sure, C3…

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C1 Corvette Parts: Winning the Race Against Time

CS of MD West 07/23/21
C1 Corvette parts

Do you find it more and more difficult every year to find the right C1 Corvette parts? Does it feel like you can’t find parts you can trust at even remotely reasonable prices anymore? The truth is that C1 Corvettes are the true original. This is where Corvette comes from, the foundation upon which all…

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