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Corvette Restoration Parts and Reproductions With No Detail Too Small

Corvette restoration parts

When it comes to your classic Corvette, are you always searching to find the absolute best parts? Are you tired of feeling like you have to “settle” for parts that you know aren’t the same caliber of quality that your Corvette deserves? We hear you. In fact, in a very real way, we’re just like you, as we’re classic Corvette owners, too. So, we only offer the kinds of Corvette restoration parts, reproduction, NOS, and more that we would put in our own Corvettes. Below are some recent parts that meet our high, exacting standards. 

Corvette Speedometer/Tachometer Glass Lens 

It’s entirely possible that 99.9% of the guests you have ridden with you in your classic Corvette will never notice the caliber of the class on your speedometer/tachometer. However, you will. You’ll notice it. We offer classic Corvette parts for the classic Corvette owner who demands the very best for their Corvette. Case in point: as of this writing, we have brand new reproduction 1964-1967 Corvette speedometer/tachometer glass lenses. You’ll note these are “glass” lenses, as the 1967 Corvettes (those with the “speed warning” speedometer) used plastic lenses. 

No Part Too Small 

Yes, many of the parts that we offer here for classic Corvettes are “large,” both in terms of size as well as their impact upon a classic Corvette. That said, we also offer “small” parts for those discerning Corvette owners. An example of this: our new, 100% rubber frame gaskets which are correct for 1953-1977 Corvette speedometers as well as 1953-1974 Corvette tachometers. Over time, these gaskets dry, and become brittle, which makes them increasingly incapable of preventing vibration and transmission from the unit. When you exchange or service your gauges, we recommend replacing these as well. For your friends that don’t have classic Corvettes, these fit most other GM applications from the same time. 

Corvette Restoration Parts to Augment Your Original Corvette Parts 

Speedometers are one of our specialties. Over the years, we’ve restored just about every kind of classic Corvette speedometer. Currently, we’re offering a restored speedometer that’s correct for any classic Corvette from the years of 1953-1957, but you should know that this unit has a replacement pointer. Yes, it has been restored inside and out, with new inner and outer lenses. But, it wouldn’t be all the way correct for a judged car. It’ll be perfect for any ride, though. 

Parts for Your Classic Corvette 

Those are some of the most recent parts that we’ve acquired, tested, and found to meet our standards for offering at our site. This process is ongoing, so we’re always bringing in new, great parts. That said, so many of our classic Corvette owners are best served by our restoration services. There, we may very well be able to repair and/or restore the parts that you already have in your Corvette. For the full range of our Corvette solutions, head to our site. For more help, just reach out to us. 

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