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C3 and C2 Corvette Restoration for the Spring and Summer

C2 Corvette Restoration

With spring and summer on the horizon, are you trying to get your classic Corvette into its best shape? Have you spent all winter dreaming about taking your Corvette out onto the open road and want to be prepared for anything, come what may? If so, you aren’t alone. Many classic Corvette owners have come to us looking for exactly that. While every job is different, this time of year, we do plenty of C1, C3, and C2 Corvette restoration jobs. The following are just some of the ways we can help. 

Climate Control Units 1968-1976

CS of MD West is here in Palm Desert, where it can get quite hot during the summer (to say the very least). With a fully-functioning climate control unit, you (and anyone riding with you) will feel that much more comfortable when in your classic Corvette. We currently service units from the years of 1968-1976. Additionally, we can service those units that have air conditioning as well as those without. Yes, the parts are extra, but the labor is included. 

Wiper Switch Plates

The old saying is “April flowers bring May showers,” but the truth is, throughout much of North America (and beyond) it just rains plenty during the spring. When that happens, many classic Corvette owners may be reticent about taking their vehicles out in the elements, worried about their wiper units, and so forth. We can help. Currently, we offer restorations for wiper switch plates for Corvettes from 1968-1976. These too can be serviced for those with and without air-conditioning. This is one of those restorations that not only makes your classic Corvette look that much better, but it also makes it safer, too. 

Headlight Motors 

Long summer night drives on the open road, with no real clear destination. That’s, in many ways, a very specific American dream. Doubly so when it’s behind the wheel of a classic Corvette. Can you think of anything more therapeutic and better for your soul than just taking your Corvette out and… driving? While that’s great for the mind and body, to make sure it’s safe for you and your classic Corvette, you want your headlight motors to be on point. We are Corvette headlight motor repair experts. Our specialty is rebuilding and restoring Corvettes with dated components and returning them to their full glory. 

C1, C3, and C2 Corvette Restoration for the Whole Year Round 

The above are just some of the parts that we restore for your Corvette. There are many, many others. Of course, restoration is just one of the services that we provide. Many of our classic Corvette owners aren’t best served by a full restoration, but rather, all they need is a hard to find part or two to have their C2 Corvette be in the shape that they want. To that end, you can find our entire catalog of parts here at our site. Reach out if you need more help, as we’re always glad to assist Corvette owners. 

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