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C1 and C2 Corvette Restoration for Wiper Motors: the Years Wiped Away

C2 Corvette Restoration

Have your windshield wipers stopped working as well as they used to? Did they just stop working period? As with everything else related to a “classic” Corvette, these wiper motors, while well-made are classics themselves. Many have seen heavy use over the last half-century or so. Thus, it’s more than possible that their performance has declined or ceased altogether. Here at CS of MD West, we can help. Our C1 and C2 Corvette restoration professionals can restore your windshield wiper motors to the caliber of performance you expect. 

What Sets Our C1 and C2 Corvette Restoration Apart 

For starters, a major facet of what makes us different from the rest is that we actually do your windshield wiper motor restoration ourselves. See, a kind of “dirty” secret in this industry is that when you hire someone to restore some of your classic Corvette parts (such as wiper motors) a company will take your money and then hire someone else to do it. Not us. We do all of it in-house, on our premises. That way, we handle your motor restoration from the very beginning through a successful end. 

“Judged” Cars 

Here at CS of MD West, you can get wiper motor restoration for Corvettes from the years of 1955-1967. We understand that not only are all classic Corvettes different, the ways that their owners will use them is different, too. To that end, we offer different levels of services. For example, we have restoration services that can be considered “show car specials.” What that means is that we’ll restore your wiper motors to the point where they’re correct for judging. That way, when your car is in competition, you’ll have the best possible chance to thrive. 

“Drivers” and More 

You may have read the above and thought: “that sounds nice, but I really just want to fix my wiper motors so that I can take my Corvette back out on the road again.” That’s great! We can help with that, too! Indeed, we have wiper motor restoration services that best fit “drivers,” non-judged cars that their owners are going to get behind the wheel of. That said, there’s nothing “lesser” about these services. They include complete disassembly, cleaning, testing, services, restored appearances, and so much more. 

C1, C3, and C2 Corvette Restoration 

It’s possible that you aren’t exactly sure which restoration service is right for your wiper motors. That’s fine, too. We’re always glad to talk to classic Corvette owners (since that’s, you know, what we are, too). So, feel free to reach out and call us. Our pros will be happy to chat with you about which are the right services for your Corvette restoration. In fact, we can help with a lot more than wiper motor restorations, too. You can find the complete list of parts that we service and offer at our site. We look forward to helping your Corvette to be its best.

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