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No Doubt About These NOS C2 Corvette Parts

C2 Corvette Parts

Do you want original C2 Corvette parts? Does it feel like it’s a struggle to find parts for your C2 Corvette that you would actually want to be installed in your Corvette? That makes all the sense in the world. So many of the parts from those days have become too used, too worn down, and can’t really help your Corvette today. That said, parts from that era that have been preserved, that haven’t been used, can carry your Corvette through this time and beyond. We’re always getting in great new parts, but we have some top-shelf NOS parts for your C2 Corvette right now. 

NOS 1968-1969 Corvette Throttle Return Spring Bracket 

What makes some NOS parts so unique is that, from time to time, you can find a rare, original part that’s never been used (or even installed) that it’s in pristine condition. This part we currently offer is an example of just that. As you may know, these parts were discontinued by GM in June of 71, so they’re really hard to find. This particular part is for 68-69 Corvettes with a 427 engine and 3X2 carburetors. This is exactly what judges look for, but it’s also what Corvette connoisseurs look for, too. 

NOS 1967 Ignition Switch 

When you think of an “ignition switch,” you think of something that you can press and your Corvette will “ignite,” and be ready to go. That’s exactly what this switch is. This NOS part is ready to go indeed. Brand new (or rather, to be correct, “brand new,”) this part is utterly original. Yes, it was designed for the 66 Corvette. But, it also fits some other GM passenger cars as well. 

Override Switch for a Better Overall Ride 

One of the major appeals of NOS parts is that plenty of them haven’t been available from GM in quite a while. In this context, when we say “quite a while” we mean “decades.” A good example of this is the NOS 1970-72 Corvette wiper override switch that you can find at our site. As you may know, this switch was used to stop the wiper arm travel at any point. That way, it was easier to service blades or other parts of the system. Bear in mind: this part only applies to the years 1970-1972 exclusively. 

C1, C3, and C2 Corvette Parts 

These are just some of the NOS parts that we offer for C2 Corvettes. That said, there are far more than just NOS parts for those Corvettes available at our site. You’ll find plenty of other NOS parts for C1 and C3 Corvettes, too. Of course, as those vehicles are decades old, some reproduction and restoration parts may be able to provide the solutions you’re looking for. To see all of the Corvette parts and accessories that we offer and that we’re looking for, you can head to our site or give us a call at (800) 638-6450. 

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