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Customized Tachometer Repair, Restoration, Reproduction, and Beyond

Customized Tachometer Repair

Does your tachometer not work as well as it used to? Has it become permanently frozen? As classic Corvettes age, any part of them can stop working, including the parts that are supposed to measure the vehicle’s performance. Here at CS of MD West, tachometers are one of our true specialties. We offer tachometer repair, yes, as well as restorations, reproduction tachometers, and so much more. 

Restored Tachometers 

We offer many restored tachometers, for example, as of this writing, a 1963 original “buzzer” Corvette tachometer with the proper redline colors. It’s important to note that, when we say we’ve “restored” a tachometer, we mean it. That doesn’t just mean that we gave it a tune-up or something. Rather, it means we entirely rebuilt it to our specifications. Then, we tested it, calibrating it with a special machine. Then, and only then do we make it available to the public. To show the level of detail at which we work, returning to the example of the 1963 buzzer tachometer, we made it so that, at full redline, you can actually hear the “buzzer” (which was a real problem at the time). One of our goals is to make the classics even better. 

Reproduction Tachometers 

Speaking of “making the classics even better,” we know that many of our customers drive “restomods.” So, we’ve designed parts that are right for these vehicles, such as our 1953-1957 Corvette Electronic Tachometer with 8000 RPM Redline. This is absolutely perfect for vehicles that don’t have a tach drive generator or a distributor. Plus, you can make the tach operable with LS engines, should you so desire. We’re always glad to be able to open up the world of classic vehicles to more people than ever. 

Tachometer Repair for Your Corvette 

If you have a tachometer from the years 1953-1974, we can not just restore it, but we can rebuild it and repair it, too. We’ve fixed all of the “common” errors often – erratic operation, unnecessary vibration, pointers that swing wildly, and anything of that ilk. By that same token, we’ve fixed just about all of the “uncommon” errors, too. Once we’ve repaired (and, if necessary, rescreened the artwork) then we can adjust the spring tension of the cup for perfect calibration. Not only do we repair the tachometers, but we also stock all of the parts we use in these tachs. After all, we reproduced many of these parts ourselves. 

Driving Into the Future 

Tachometers are an important part of your Corvette. Judges look for them, yes, but real Corvette enthusiasts do, too. In fact, if you’re looking for the best Corvette parts and accessories to fit your classic Corvette, you can find them here at our site. To see everything that we offer, click here. To talk to one of our pros to see how we can help, you can reach us at (800) 638-6450.   


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