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Corvette Parts and Accessories that Set a Higher Standard

Corvette Parts and Accessories

Have you searched online for Corvette parts and accessories but don’t feel that any of them are of high enough quality for your Corvette? Does it feel like no one that you would buy Corvette parts from seems to care about Corvettes as much as you do? Those are just some of the reasons that we founded CS of MD West. Here, we wanted to make a place for Corvette enthusiasts run by Corvette enthusiasts. We love Corvettes. Corvettes are our lives and have been for a long time. So, we always want to offer the highest quality parts possible. 

NOS Override Switch 

When we say that we have “new old stock” parts, we mean it. These aren’t parts with a “bit of use” or something like that. Rather, they’re so “new” (and so “old”) that many of them come in the original GM wrapper. Case in point: the NOS 1070-1972 Corvette wiper override switch that we currently offer. If you’ve had some trouble finding this part in the past, there’s a reason for that: it hasn’t been available from GM for a long time. Now you can find it, and in its best shape, right here. 

No “Small” Parts, Only Details that Matter 

We know that there are plenty of Corvette owners out there who will try to get the best parts when it’s something “big” (such as a large part or a very expensive one) but will settle when it comes to a smaller part or something that isn’t often visible to a passenger. We cater to the Corvette owners to whom that is unacceptable. A great example of the kinds of parts that we offer to fit your Corvette needs: the 1963-1965 Chrome Fuel Filter Bracket. It also comes with the screw as well as the special stud, so that you can mount it to the intake manifold that much easier. 

Testing Before Offering 

Now, above, when we mentioned that our “new old stock” parts haven’t been used, in some cases, they do get a tiny amount of use. Why? So that we can make sure they’re of high enough quality for our customers. Case in point: the 1964 Corvette NOS speedometer that we have in stock as of this writing. It has a “near-zero” odometer rating because it is a few miles from us testing it. Just enough to make sure that it’s good to go. Through that testing, we were able to completely ensure quality as well as function. 

A Home for Corvette Parts and Accessories 

The above part is only good for 1964 Corvettes. However, that being said, we have parts for so many different kinds of classic Corvettes. Indeed, whether you have a C1, C2, C3, restomod, or more, you can find the Corvette parts you’ll want at our site. If you can’t find them, well, reach out, as we’re probably getting them in soon. To see what we offer or to talk to an expert, head to our site or all (800) 638-6450. 

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