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Corvette Restoration Parts and So Much More

Corvette Reproduction Parts

We’re often asked: “what’s best for my Corvette: Corvette restoration parts, used parts, or reproduction parts?” Not to be flippant, but the answer to this question is: “yes.” The truth is that for some owners and their Corvettes, a restoration part might be the best fit, in others, a used part, and for still others, a part that’s been reproduced. At CS of MD West, we’re proud to offer all kinds of Corvette parts. Indeed, we restore and reproduce many of our own parts. No matter what your Corvette needs, odds are you’ll be able to find it here. 

Detailed Corvette Reproduction Parts


Are the rubber seals that were installed on cardboard tubes in the upper center of your 1964-1967 Corvette instrument cluster starting to show their age? If that’s something that’s been bothering you, then you’re absolutely our kind of Corvette owner. Recently, we reproduced those rubber seals. We made one each for the Lights, Brake, and Beam indicators. If it feels like you’ve been looking for parts like this for some time and haven’t been able to find them, there’s a reason for that – they were discontinued in 1981. If you haven’t looked at these parts of your Corvette in a while, you might find that your old seals are cracked, malformed, or even just flat out gone. Should that be the case, we can help. 

Corvette Reproduction Parts

Corvette Reproduction Parts

Corvette Restoration Parts Restored Right Here 


Many of the Corvette restoration parts you can find at our site were restored right on our premises. A great, recent example of this are a pair of original headlight motors for 1963-1967 Corvettes. In the past, you may remember that we used to sell reproduction motors. We no longer offer the reproduction motors. We offer restored originals.  While, as of this writing, we’re specifically referring to the 1963-1967 motors, we have many dates available. As ever, we’ll do everything we can to find the right Corvette parts for you. 


Brand New Parts 


Yes, it’s possible to have “brand new parts” for something that was originally made in 1965. Such is the case with our 1965-1968 Corvette windshield washer valve with the correct color. As you may know, all that you could find on the market would be the black or bright white valve kids. We confirmed the color of our parts by using inside parts that hadn’t been exposed to the elements in over fifty years. So, these will look, feel, and operate right. 

NOS Parts and Beyond

                              NOS Parts and Beyond

NOS Parts and Beyond 


As of this writing, we offer a new old stock 1958-1962 Corvette Heater Switch. Not only has it never been installed, but it’s also still in the original box. We’ve noted that this part is “for that special car when only the best will do.” However, that fits with all of the parts at our site, not just this one. You can find the parts that are “kind of right” for your Corvette just about anywhere on the internet. When you want the best, come to our site, or give us a call at (800) 638-6450.

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