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Hub of Corvette Hubcaps

csofmdwest 12/18/18
Corvette hubcaps

It may seem like an oxymoron to buy “new” classic Corvette parts. Here at CS of MD West though, that’s exactly what you’ll find. We offer so many different Corvette parts, up to and including Corvette hubcaps. Many of these hubcaps are “new,” in that they were made for the classic Corvettes of their era…

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Corvette Speedometer Made Better

csofmdwest 12/12/18
1964 Corvette Restored Speedometer

Memories of what happened fifty years ago can be incredibly clear. You may wake up and remember something that happened half a century ago out of the blue. It could feel like it just happened yesterday. However, all that being said, fifty years is a long time. Corvettes are some of the most incredible muscle…

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Beyond Corvette Tachometer Repair

csofmdwest 12/05/18
Corvette tachometer repair

When someone looks at a Corvette, they notice the body. The wheels, the grille, the paint, the iconic Corvette logo – these are what typically catch someone’s eye. If the hood is open, then the engine can become a focal point. It is quite unlikely that someone would notice the Corvette’s tachometer. That’s not even…

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Our Corvette Tachometer Restoration and Repair

csofmdwest 12/01/18
Corvette tachometer

Works of art like the Mona Lisa and other famous paintings stand the test of time. Lasting for centuries (if not longer) they continue to inspire, generation after generation. Even the most incredible works of art, however, have to be maintained. The careful work of trained professionals ensures that this art lasts. Your Corvette is…

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